Driven into Paradise (2007)
a dramatic concert for musicians, actors and noisemaker
premiere 17 August 2007, Amsterdam

Driven into Paradise   is a documentary - part concert, part radio show   -about the typical life of atypical European artists in Los Angeles in the early 1940s. Four of the composers whose music is performed here are brought to life in imaginary monologues and conversations, in which art is just as important as the current news. They are interviewed, write a letter, chat on the telephone, play table tennis, they reflect, complain and make jokes.
Three monologues (2007/8)
1 Liszt speaks
premiered by Jeroen Willems on 23 November 2007, Haarlem

2 The letter (Alphons Diepenbrock)
premiered by Krijn ter Braak on 12 January 2008, Haarlem

3 Summer Moon (Igor Stravinsky)
premiered by Kees Hulst on 29 March 2008, Haarlem